Why should my networks be engineered to WCC standards?

Why should my networks be engineered to WCC standards?

As in every field of engineering, when something is optimally-engineered to properly-defined standards, it performs better and costs less.

If you buy or own or manage a wireless network, by following the WCC guidelines for procurement you will:

  1. Deploy a Wi-Fi network that is designed and optimised to meet your specific requirements.
  2. Reduce your costs of purchasing or upgrading your Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Cut your wireless network operation and support costs.
  4. Get superior wireless network coverage, performance and reliability.
  5. Maintain a clear insight into the operation, performance and security of your wireless network.
  6. Deliver better value to your organisation, your users and your customers.


Why should my Wi-Fi networks be WCC-CERTIFIED?

The majority of Wi-Fi networks installed today are not “engineered” to any standard at all. This applies even if you’ve had a “heatmap site survey” performed, and your Wi-Fi network is installed by a vendor-certified company.

This is why most Wi-Fi networks cost more than they should, and also why many fail to deliver the Coverage, Capacity, Performance, Reliability and Security that you will need.

A  WCC-CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi network is guaranteed to meet the requirements of your organisation, as defined by your Design Specifications, and it will do so with a lower cost of ownership.

In fact, both your CAPEX and OPEX costs should be substantially reduced when you buy a Wi-Fi network that is designed, optimised and certified to WCC Standards.

A WCC-CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi network is carefully engineered to meet your needs, neither over-provisioned – driving up cost and complexity, nor under-provisioned – failing to meet business requirements.

With a WCC-CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi network, you can rest assured that your wireless network has been designed and engineered so that it reliably and predictably meets your business requirements and expectations.


Take the next step:

Understand the WCC Wireless Network Procurement process

Create your Design Specifications

Include your Design Specifications with your Request for Proposal (RFP) for a wireless network

Evaluate supplier proposals - You can e-mail supplier proposals to the WCC and we will advise you independently

Get help with acceptance testing and post-deployment survey

Evaluate an existing wireless network – far more than just a Wi-Fi network Health Check or “heatmap WiFi survey”

Get your wireless network WCC-CERTIFIED™ – for Verified and assured Wi-Fi network Coverage, Capacity, Performance, Reliability and Security

WCC Training and Certification

The Wireless Certification Commission has introduced a series of new Training Courses and Certifications, which enable Wi-Fi professionals to raise their standards of Wi-Fi network engineering to completely new levels, and to demonstrate their ability to engineer optimal, fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks – networks which are optimally Designed, Surveyed, Installed, Secured and Monitored to ensure coverage, capacity, reliable performance, security and lower costs of ownership.

The new WCC Engineering Certifications include:


WCC Certified WiFi Network Installer™


WCC Certified WiFi Installation Auditor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Designer™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Surveyor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Auditor™