WCC Working Groups (WCC WG)

WCC Working Groups

WCC Working Groups (WG) are the primary mechanism for the development of WCC specifications and guidelines, many of which are intended to be standards or recommendations.

The WCC’s Working Groups are created to address a specific problem or to produce one or more specific deliverables, such as a guideline, standard or specification.

Working Groups are generally expected to produce their intended deliverables within a short space of time, typically less than 6 months. Upon completion of its goals and achievement of its objectives, the Working Group may continue to review and revise it’s work, or it may be terminated.

Each Working Group has a charter which states the scope of work for the group, and specifies the goals and milestones for how the work will be completed.

The WCC’s current Active Working Groups are:

  • Cat-W™: Physical Layer Specifications for Wi-Fi RF Network Design and Verification
  • Cat-WVoice™: Physical Layer Specifications for RF Network Design and Verification of Voice over Wi-Fi systems (VoWLAN)
  • Cat-RTLS™: Physical Layer Specifications for RF Network Design and Verification of Wi-Fi -based Real-Time Location and Tracking Systems (RTLS)
  • G-Capacity: Guidelines for Capacity Planning in Wi-Fi RF Networks
  • G-Procurement: Guidelines for  Wi-Fi Network Procurement – Requirements Specification
  • Cert-Eng: Definition of Job Roles and Certifications for Wi-Fi Network Engineers

Get Involved with the WCC

WCC Working Groups conduct much of their work via email lists. All WG email lists are available for subscription and posting, although lists are moderated. To get involved with a working group, subscribe to the working group’s email list.

Working Group Chairs

Working Groups have one or more Chairs, who’s role is to perform the administrative functions of the group. Chairs are appointed by the WCC Steering Committee (WCC-SC) and serve at the Committee’s discretion.

Working Group Formation

Before a working group is formed, the WCC Steering Committee may require that the parties interested in forming the working group schedule a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at a WCC meeting in order to gauge the level of support for the proposed working group.

WCC Training and Certification

The Wireless Certification Commission has introduced a series of new Training Courses and Certifications, which enable Wi-Fi professionals to raise their standards of Wi-Fi network engineering to completely new levels, and to demonstrate their ability to engineer optimal, fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks – networks which are optimally Designed, Surveyed, Installed, Secured and Monitored to ensure coverage, capacity, reliable performance, security and lower costs of ownership.

The new WCC Engineering Certifications include:


WCC Certified WiFi Network Installer™


WCC Certified WiFi Installation Auditor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Designer™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Surveyor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Auditor™