The WCC Wi-Fi network Procurement Process

The WCC Optimised Wi-Fi network Procurement Process allows you to:

  • Specify to your IT suppliers exactly how your Wi-Fi network should be engineered.
  • Compare on a level playing field the different quotations you receive from different Wi-Fi network suppliers.
  • Extract written guarantees from your Wi-Fi network supplier – to ensure the Coverage, Capacity, Performance, Reliability and Security that you require.
  • Get your Wi-Fi networks Certified – to ensure that they meet your requirements.
  • Hold your supplier to account if your Wi-Fi network does not meet the standards that you agreed.

Whilst there are many stages to a professional Wi-Fi network deployment, there are three key stages – which we identify using a traffic light scheme:

RED: Create your Design Specifications and submit these to potential Wi-Fi network suppliers

You can tailor the specifications to meet your particular needs and your Use Case

AMBER: Evaluate supplier proposals against your Design Specifications

Select a supplier that meets your Design Requirements and the Engineering Standards set by the WCC

GREEN: Audit and Certify your Wi-Fi network installations against your Design Specifications

A WCC CERTIFIED™ Wi-Fi network is guaranteed to meet your specification, with a lower cost of purchase and ownership

With WCC Certification of your Wi-Fi network installations, you will know whether your supplier delivered according to your contract. Once certified, you can rest assured that your networks fully meet your requirements, and that your supplier has delivered the value that you expected.


Next steps:

Use the links below according to your stage of procurement:

Register with the WCC website

Download an example specification for a Wi-Fi RF network

Download an example specification for Wi-Fi network Capacity Planning

Download WCC Wi-Fi Network Procurement Guides

Use the WCC Specification Builder™ to define your own Design Specifications

Get your Design Specifications validated by a WCC CERTIFIED™ Engineer

Get an independent assessment of one or more Wi-Fi network supplier proposals

Get your Wi-Fi network Post-Installation Audited by a WCC CERTIFIED™ Engineer

Get help at any stage from a WCC CERTIFIED™ Engineer

WCC Training and Certification

The Wireless Certification Commission has introduced a series of new Training Courses and Certifications, which enable Wi-Fi professionals to raise their standards of Wi-Fi network engineering to completely new levels, and to demonstrate their ability to engineer optimal, fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks – networks which are optimally Designed, Surveyed, Installed, Secured and Monitored to ensure coverage, capacity, reliable performance, security and lower costs of ownership.

The new WCC Engineering Certifications include:


WCC Certified WiFi Network Installer™


WCC Certified WiFi Installation Auditor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Designer™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Surveyor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Auditor™