The WCC Charter

The WCC Charter

The WCC’s mission is to empower purchasers, owners and operators of Wi-Fi networks to make better purchasing decisions – through the dissemination of industry-leading knowledge, standards, guidelines and certification methods for Wi-Fi network deployment.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • Educating and empowering purchasers, owners and operators of Wi-Fi networks with resources that enable people to make better purchasing decisions.
  • Defining Specifications that Wi-Fi network owners can use during procurement to ensure that their Wi-Fi networks are engineered to the highest standards, but at the same time, at the lowest price. The goal is to procure Wi-Fi networks that are expertly-engineered to meet the needs users’ needs, whilst at the same time delivering best value for money.
  • Auditing Wi-Fi networks – to ensure that Wi-Fi networks have been designed and installed to the standards that they should be, with no over-purchase of Wi-Fi access points. The requirement is to eliminate Wi-Fi network problems and to minimise CAPEX and OPEX costs.
  • Defining true best-practices for Wi-Fi network engineering, to ensure that Wi-Fi networks are optimally-engineered, to the standards required, and at the lowest cost.
  • Creating new training courses and certifications for Wi-Fi network engineers, to develop the industry’s skills and enable the delivery of World-leading Wi-Fi network engineering.
  • Creating the Working Groups that will solve many of the current problems that are experienced today by Wi-Fi network owners and operators.
  • Providing a Forum through which major users of Wi-Fi networks can influence the development of future Wi-Fi products and services.


The WCC is structured into several teams that have specific roles to perform. They include:

  • The WCC Board of Advisors (BoA)
  • The WCC Steering Committee (SC)
  • Individual Working Groups (WG)


The core leadership of the WCC is headed by the WCC Board of Advisors (BoA), which is responsible for setting out the mission, goals and objectives of the WCC, and for overall governance of the WCC. The members of the WCC BoA are:

  • Ian J Lever, MSc, WCC Technical Director
  • Stephen O’Donnell, BSc, WCC Strategic Advisor
  • James Donohue, CWNE #5, WCC Strategic Advisor


The WCC BoA collectively manages all aspects of the WCC’s operations and oversees the WCC Steering Committee (WCC-SC) and the various WCC Working Groups (WG).

The Charter of the WCC Steering Committee (WCC-SC) defines the roles, responsibilities, structure and operation of the Steering Committee.

WCC Training and Certification

The Wireless Certification Commission has introduced a series of new Training Courses and Certifications, which enable Wi-Fi professionals to raise their standards of Wi-Fi network engineering to completely new levels, and to demonstrate their ability to engineer optimal, fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks – networks which are optimally Designed, Surveyed, Installed, Secured and Monitored to ensure coverage, capacity, reliable performance, security and lower costs of ownership.

The new WCC Engineering Certifications include:


WCC Certified WiFi Network Installer™


WCC Certified WiFi Installation Auditor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Designer™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Surveyor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Auditor™