How can the WCC help Suppliers deliver better wireless networks?

How can the WCC help Suppliers deliver better wireless networks?

It is a fact that most Wi-Fi networks sold and installed around the World have not been properly or optimally engineered.

This has resulted in significant customer over-spend, and Wi-Fi networks that perform poorly – leaving users and network owners dissatisfied.

The reason? Wi-Fi engineering standards within the industry have been poor – compared with the standards set by leading Wi-Fi specialists.

What’s happening now?

Customers are realising that they can save money, and get optimally-engineered Wi-Fi networks, by following WCC guidelines; and by employing WCC-Certified™ engineering processes.

Help for Suppliers

As a supplier of Wi-Fi networks, when customers ask you about WCC Optimised Wi-Fi network engineering, there are several ways in which the WCC can help:

Take the next step:

Team-up with the WCC’s Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Engineering Team

We will help to ensure that the Wi-Fi network solution you propose is an optimised design which complies with the customer’s Design Specifications.

WCC engineers can help at every stage and with all aspects of network engineering to WCC standards – from initial proposal, through design and survey, installation, post-installation survey, acceptance and sign-off, and on-going support.

Get your team Trained and Certified by the WCC

WCC-Certified training courses enable Wi-Fi professionals to extend their knowledge of Wi-Fi network engineering, and gain the industry’s leading career certifications in Wi-Fi Network Engineering – from Intermediate to Advanced and Expert levels.

Become a WCC Approved Engineering Partner

WCC will be processing applications for WCC Approved Engineering Partner status. You can submit your company’s application here.

WCC will be processing applications for WCC Approved Engineering Partner status. You can submit your company’s application here.