Welcome to the WCC’s Blog on the current issues with Wi-Fi Engineering, Deployment, Certification and Management.

One of the WCC’s top-level objectives is to provide the environment in which people from all sectors of business, government and education can air their views on the challenges they faced when deploying Wi-Fi networks, and from which they can obtain advice and best-practices for installing Wi-Fi networks.

WCC Training and Certification

The Wireless Certification Commission has introduced a series of new Training Courses and Certifications, which enable Wi-Fi professionals to raise their standards of Wi-Fi network engineering to completely new levels, and to demonstrate their ability to engineer optimal, fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi networks – networks which are optimally Designed, Surveyed, Installed, Secured and Monitored to ensure coverage, capacity, reliable performance, security and lower costs of ownership.

The new WCC Engineering Certifications include:


WCC Certified WiFi Network Installer™


WCC Certified WiFi Installation Auditor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Designer™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Surveyor™


WCC Certified WiFi Network Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Manager™


WCC Certified WiFi Security Auditor™